“At a very early age I found myself in a position to make a very difficult decision concerning my dental care. I visited Dr. Munz’s office for a simple consultation. From the moment I walked into the office I was welcomed and comfortable with my decision to get full dental implants. Dr. Munz and his staff have been wonderful and make a point to see that your questions or concerns are addressed promptly.

“I now can smile without covering my mouth and am 100% satisfied with my results. An investment in yourself is never a bad one. My thanks to Dr. Munz and his staff for their service and kindness during my procedure.”


Denture & Implant Center

Greg Gallion had 19 extractions, four lower and six upper implants.

“For decades, back to my high school and college days I had dental problems, which led to gradual loss of teeth, difficulties in eating, and an aversion to smiling. Dr. Munz and his staff from the very first consultation, until now, have provided me with the care and support I needed, to once again have both functionality and the confidence of a healthy dental outlook. From extractions and healing, to where I am today, I owe an unspeakable debt to him, for his professionalism, compassion and personal regard for my circumstances.

“I am now able to enjoy face-to-face moments and encounters with family, students and friends without wondering what people think about my reluctant, embarrassing smile that I used to have. I can honestly say that my quality of life, both professionally, is much improved and enhanced, due to Dr. Mun’s efforts on my behalf. Additionally, as I have always enjoyed a good meal, I am now able to eat foods that have long been impossible to enjoy.

“Dr. Munz has not only provided me with teeth for the processes of eating, and a restoration of my smile, but also has, collaterally, given me back my self-confidence to return to my preferred happy state of mind. Friends and family have been admiring my new smile, and at least a few have asked how they might also benefit from such a series of procedures to correct their own situations. I always tell them, ‘Go see Dr. Munz. He’ll help you, too, just like he did me.”



Denture & Implant Center

“The whole staff at Dr. Munz’s made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was surprised at how minimal the discomfort was after the procedure. I think I took 2 Tylenol and that is because they told me to! Dr. Munz was great, so caring and so good at explaining what he was doing.

“My mini dental implants are such a blessing, I forget they are not my natural teeth. I can eat pretty much anything I want to now. Corn on the cob no problem, seeds no problem. I love my mini dental implants and I recommend them to my friends and family. Dr. Munz and staff are wonderful.”


J. C. received Mini Dental Implants.

“I personally want to thank you and your staff for the professional way you conducted yourselves with my needs. I finally have teeth to eat with without the worry of them coming out when eating food or in public. I personally recommend to anyone wearing dentures to see Dr. Munz about getting the mini implants. In 3 years I have not regretted any moment. So as Dr. Munz says: ‘Come on down to Blacksburg Dental Center. Simple (true), affordable (true).’ Thank you.”



“The treatment was great—no problems. Dr. Munz was great and very professional. His staff was so nice, couldn’t ask for better treatment. Thanks Dr. Munz great job, I appreciate all you did for me. Feels great and looks good. The benefit is that I can now eat better.”


Denture & Implant Center

Paul received upper and lower dentures and implants.

“I can now eat things like corn on the cob and apples. I am well pleased with my implants and dentures. They don’t fall out when you eat, the implants hold them secure. They fit so good I have trouble getting them out to clean them. I would recommend getting them to anyone.”


Frank had extractions and implants done.

“Dr. Munz’s office staff is SUPER about scheduling appointments. Dr. Munz and staff were able to schedule my appointments around my work schedule which puts me international for weeks.”


Charles received full set of implants upper and lower.

“I liked the whole process from beginning to end. Dr. Munz and his staff are very articulate in helping patients to understand how each segment of the process will be performed and they put your mind at ease and your fears at bay, especially if you’ve been afraid to go to a dentist before. He and his staff are the epitome of what professionalism, courtesy and integrity should be in all dental offices.

“In adjusting to a full set of teeth, my confidence and self-esteem has literally grown more comfortable, mostly when dealing with the public on a daily basis. Being a truck driver is my chosen profession and appearance is key to success in this profession, since often the only contact a customer has with a transportation provider is the trucker making the delivery or pick-up.

“Also, my diet has improved to the point where I can eat without having to decide what’s going to be difficult to chew and what’s easy to eat. I would have to say that being able to speak clearly is probably the top benefit of all.”



Denture & Implant Center

“I’m very happy with my treatment and the overall experience. Dr. Munz is great and has been very helpful in making my smile perfect without any discomfort. I first found out about Dr. Munz from a T.V. commercial. The initial condition of my teeth was good, but I had gum disease. Dr. Munz is very honest, straight forward and personable. I like that Dr. Munz is friendly and right on time; there were no delays and everything went according to the treatment plan. Now my smile is wonderful and I’m actually eating solid foods with no pain. I’ve received a lot of compliments on how great of a smile I have.”


Robert got Mini Dental Implants.

“I came to Dr. Munz in search of dentures, but realized my only real option was mini dental implants. Dr. Munz and his crew put me immediately at ease, explaining every detail of the process. Everyone is professional, confident in their work and compassionate to the patient. They took care of me every step of the way.

“It only took a few days to get used to the new set of choppers physically…psychologically took a lot longer. It’s hard to break a lifetime habit of always hiding your smile or only smiling with closed lips from embarrassment and self-consciousness. Now I’m laughing out loud, smiling broadly and feeling more socially comfortable and assertive in ways I never knew before.”


“My experience at Blacksburg Dental Center can be summed up in this one word…perfect!

Painless and problem-free was the expereince,
Experience at Blacksburg Dental Center for me;
Really wonderful doctor and staff,
Focusing on care and comfort on their patient’s behalf;
Exceptional service, kindness and thoughtful,
Consideration of each person’s needs…
Truly an awesome team performing life Changing Deeds!

“I’m 66 years old, had eleven lower teeth extracted and four dental implants placed at the same time with no discomfort whatsoever. Rest assure that you couldn’t be in better hands or care – than here with Dr. Munz and his staff!”

— Bev

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Dental Technology

Dr. Munz uses cutting-edge technology to assist with advanced dental restoration procedures.

Technology has opened exciting new avenues of possibility for the world of dentistry, including the introduction of digital CAD/CAM technology used in the production of dentures, and 3D X-rays for planning implant procedures. Dr. Munz incorporates these technologies in his practice to provide the best restoration treatment and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for his patients.

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