Our Stable Denture Procedure

Our Stable Denture Procedure

Restore confidence and chewing power with our natural-looking, stabilized dentures

Dr. Munz has structured Blacksburg Denture & Implant Center as a streamlined system dedicated to providing patients with high-quality, our stable dentures procedures. He makes the process efficient and pleasant.

Dr. Munz’s extensive training and experience allows him to make high-quality dentures supported by dental implants. Dental implants stably anchor your dentures in your mouth, so that your new set of teeth is stable, does not move around or make awkward noises, and provides excellent chewing power.

There are many issues Dr. Munz considers when making stable dentures. For example, he makes sure the bite is right for proper function and enunciation and that the dentures are made to enhance the patient’s appearance. Thanks to Dr. Munz’s special method of crafting dentures, the new teeth look very natural. Dr. Munz has many years of experience placing implant-supported dentures and knows exactly what to look for and how to resolve any issues.

After your treatment, you will have aesthetic, fully functioning teeth—you will be able to smile with confidence and eat anything you like!


Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Munz provides new patients with a complimentary consultation. The consultation includes:

  • Oral exam
  • Digital X-Rays, as needed
  • Discuss your objectives
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get your questions answered
  • Treatment plan

Usual value = $125

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3D cone beam imaging for precise implant planning

Dr. Munz uses the Sirona 3D cone beam CT scanner to obtain detailed, 360-degree views of your mouth and jaw area for planning your restorations and implant procedures.

The detailed, three-dimensional nature of the scan allows Dr. Munz to plan the exact position of the implants ahead of time, eliminating the need for exploratory surgery. When necessary, it also allows him to create surgical guides to assist in the implant placement. This makes the procedure more efficient when many implants are being placed at the same time.

Denture & Implant Center

A 3D CT scan is used to plan out your implant treatment in detail ahead of time.

Gentle, no-pain procedure

Dr. Munz has made implant placement is a very streamlined procedure. In one visit he can extract teeth, as needed, and place all the implants. To make sure the process is completely comfortable Dr. Munz uses the most effective anesthetic available (Profound Anesthesia) to numb the area. His injections are so gentle, patients say they don’t even feel them.

Dr. Munz will never proceed with a procedure if you are feeling any discomfort, and will immediately adjust medication or the treatment to make you comfortable.

Get all your extractions in one visit

Dr. Munz takes various factors into account when extracting teeth. For example, he might need to remove sharp bone on the bottom arch to prepare for the dentures. He has streamlined the extraction process so that he can do all the extractions at once during a comfortable, efficient procedure.

Careful socket preservation

Our dentures are made with hard and durable acrylic, making them resistant to wear, and strong enough to be made thinner and less bulky than conventional dentures. The result is that they look more natural, have a custom ergonomic fit and have more effective bite strength.

Our dentures resemble a natural smile because the sides and edges of the teeth are thinner, sharper and more translucent. The implants allow the dentures to be secured to the jaw without the need for an upper plate for support, which would typically block the roof of the mouth and interfere with your sense of taste. This means that our implant-supported dentures provide a more natural feel and function when eating and talking.

Precise Denture preparation using advanced technology

Dr. Munz takes meticulous care with every denture and will ensure that your new teeth are stable, comfortable and well-fitting.


Dr. Munz’s main goal is to give his patients the results they want from their dentures. The patient approves the final mold before it’s processed, and after the denture comes back, they can make any changes they want until they are fully satisfied. Dr. Munz’s first step is to plan the creation of the denture taking into account the patient’s needs and objectives.

Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Munz will discuss your goals with you so he can plan your denture to fit your needs.

Planning your Dental Implant procedure

Dr. Munz will arrange for you to receive a 3D CT scan which provides him with detailed information about your mouth and jaw. The scan allows for a comprehensive examination of how the teeth are arranged in the mouth. It also reveals the amount of bone that is available to work with when placing the implants.

Designing your new Denture

Dr. Munz will take impressions of your dental arches for planning your new dentures. If you already have a denture, Dr. Munz can use it as a reference for the new denture, because an existing denture contains a wealth of useful information.

Dr. Munz takes impressions using a special method that gives an accurate duplicate of the original denture without distortion. This is a proprietary technique that he has developed over the years and which streamlines the overall process. He also creates wax study models to plan and adjust the proposed dentures. The impression is sent to the lab for the crafting of the denture, with Dr. Munz’s exact specifications for how the new teeth should look.

For patients without existing dentures, Dr. Munz uses 3D imaging software and study models to plan their new dentures.

Fitting the dentures for precise comfort

Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Munz makes sure that your denture fits correctly for maximum comfort.

After the dentures have been created, the patient can come in for a “try-in” appointment, where they try on the dentures and request any adjustments to be made for maximum comfort and appearance.

The dentures are sent back to the lab for adjustments and the finalized version is produced.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dr. Munz will make any amount of changes to the dentures at no extra charge to ensure that they meet his standards and that you are fully satisfied with how they look and feel.


Dr. Munz believes that all patients should have access to dentures that are functional yet affordable. Financing is made available to patients so that anyone has the opportunity to get high-quality dentures.

Learn more about our payment options.

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We offer various payment options to make getting treatment as easy and convenient as possible.

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