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Dr. Raymond Munz

Denture & Implant Center
Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Raymond Munz is an experienced dentist who has been practicing quality dentistry for over 25 years. He is focused on providing his patients with high-tech implant and denture services and uses some of the highest quality materials available. With over 10,000 implants placed, he is extremely skilled and experienced in implant procedures.

What makes Blacksburg Denture & Implant Center extra special is Dr. Munz’s philosophy of treating patients as individuals with their own unique needs. He believes the path to the best results is through listening to each patient’s specific dental concerns, and by advising patients based on what would be best for them in the long term. Dr. Munz fully explains each procedure so that his patients understand the process ahead of time.

Education and Memberships

Dr. Munz’s degrees and credentials include:

Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Munz fully explains each procedure and answers all of your questions.

Denture & Implant Center

Dr. Munz is an opinion leader on many subjects of dentistry. He is seen here speaking to other dental professionals at a LiF Dental Seminar

Community Work

Dr. Munz makes an effort to reach out to his community and bring awareness to the public. Over the years he has been featured in several public service commercials, speaking against drug and alcohol abuse. He is an advocate of education on the importance of dental health and avoidance of substance abuse. He also gives out free DVDs on the subject to local schools to promote positive reinforcement and youth guidance.

Dr. Munz and his wife, Laurie, have two sons. He likes flying planes, fly fishing, and hiking.

To make an appointment, call 540-739-3206 or click here to request an appointment online.

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Dental Technology

Dr. Munz uses cutting-edge technology to assist with advanced dental restoration procedures.

Technology has opened exciting new avenues of possibility for the world of dentistry, including the introduction of digital CAD/CAM technology used in the production of dentures, and 3D X-rays for planning implant procedures. Dr. Munz incorporates these technologies in his practice to provide the best restoration treatment and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for his patients.

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