Implant Supported Removable

Implant Supported Removable

Stable Replacement Teeth with Mini Dental Implants

If your dentures are constantly slipping or make awkward noises while you eat or talk, modern technology has the answer. Implant Supported Removable. Thanks to the latest developments in dental implant technology, Dr. Munz can provide you with stable new replacement teeth using Mini Dental Implants, small-diameter implants that are easy to place and require almost no healing. Treatment with Mini Dental Implants is minimally invasive and usually eliminates the need for bone grafting.

Your new teeth will be securely anchored to your jaw using special attachments that snap onto the implants. You will be able to remove them at any time for cleaning. Your dentures will not have a false palate to interfere with you sense of taste, and if you were wearing traditional dentures before, your chewing power will be greatly increased.

Dr. Munz can also take your existing dentures (if they are in good condition) and retrofit them with special attachments so that they are supported by Mini Dental Implants

Skilled, experienced implant dentist

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Dr. Munz is a skilled implant dentists who has placed over 10,000 implants so far.

Dr. Munz is highly skilled and experienced in implant dentistry, and he is considered an expert in the use of Mini Dental Implants to provide stable, implant-supported teeth. He has placed over 10,000 individual implants during his career. He is a Founding Member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants and a Fellow of the American Academy of Small Diameter Implants. He will make sure that your implant-supported new teeth are stable, comfortable and well-functioning.


Dr. Munz provides new patients with a complimentary consultation. The consultation includes:

  • Oral exam
  • Digital X-Rays, as needed
  • Discuss your objectives
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get your questions answered
  • Treatment plan

Usual value = $125

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How Snap-In Dentures with Mini Dental Implants work

Dr. Munz uses Mini Dental Implants (small-diameter dental implants) to stabilize a set of implant-supported teeth, anchoring them securely in the mouth through special snap-in attachments. The attachments will be placed on top of the implants in your jaw and on the underside of the denture. You will be able to snap your denture in and out at any time.

The Mini Dental Implants are easy to place, involve almost no healing and can be placed in almost every patient, even those who have experienced extensive bone loss. Mini Dental Implants don’t require the same amount of bone support as traditional, regular-sized implants, and they therefore eliminate the need for bone grafting in most cases.

How Denture Stabilization with Mini Dental Implants works

If your dentures are in good condition, Dr. Munz will be able to retrofit them with snap-in attachments so that they can be supported by Mini Dental Implants. He will place a number of Mini Dental Implants in your jaw that will stably hold your denture in place. If your upper denture had a fake palate on the roof of your mouth, this palate will remain, but you will be able to enjoy all the other benefits of stable, implant-supported teeth.

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