about us dentures mini dental implants

We make comfortable, non-slip, natural-looking Dentures

about us dentures mini dental implants

Denture & Implant Center offers full service for everything dentures. Dr. Munz focuses on creating fully stable dentures supported by dental implants.

Our dentures are made for strength and produced with some of the most durable synthetic materials—meaning they are built to last! They are fully comfortable and strong enough to allow you to eat your favorite foods, including vegetables and other healthy items that belong in your diet. To craft your dentures, Dr. Munz can use either high-quality acrylic or state-of-the-art zirconia—an ultra-strong and lifelike dental ceramic that is among the latest advances in dentistry. In any case, your dentures will be stable and durable, and they will have a natural look, giving you the confidence to smile freely.

Dr. Munz provides full denture services and general dentistry services

Denture & Implant Center

Dental Technology

Dr. Munz uses cutting-edge technology to assist with advanced dental restoration procedures.

Technology has opened exciting new avenues of possibility for the world of dentistry, including the introduction of digital CAD/CAM technology used in the production of dentures, and 3D X-rays for planning implant procedures. Dr. Munz incorporates these technologies in his practice to provide the best restoration treatment and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for his patients.

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